Jess’s 10th Birthday Radio Experience

Its only once that you are 10 and what better way to have your Birthday, than by creating your own Radio Show.

This is exactly what Jess and friends did and boy what a show it was. Jess, Maisie, Lucy and Nina turned up at the studios with plenty of prep and funky ideas all ready to go. After a bit of brainstorming and learning the kit, the net result is ‘The Super Duper Girl Power Show’. If you listen to the full show on Mixcloud, its fifty two minutes of audio goodness with great music and fun.

Each of the girls got to chat about their favourite subjects as well as pick their music and do the links with the music. Ironically it was Ian’s microphone that performed the worst but the girls delivered the goods with excitement, happiness and laughter in bounds.

These are handful of piccies taken on the day and for the rest, follow Youth Radio Rocks on our social networks to see them all.

Listen to the talking

Listen to the Full Show on Mixcloud

Listen on Mixcloud

Amazing and so great that all my friends could make it. It’s made my day. One of the best Birthday Parties ever, being able to play with all the equipment and putting it all together. To all our friends, Its amazing and they should have been there and they should have done this!

Jess, Nina, Maisie and Lucy

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