About Youth Radio Rocks

There is a great deal that goes into helping youngsters build social standing, confidence and life skills. Sometimes a little boring but nonetheless vital to success and well being.

In this section of the Youth Radio Rocks website, you will find information on how we came to be on the Isle of Wight. Its a bit of our history, the all important station policies and who is supporting us. Plus you can read about the creator, Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore.

Youth Radio Rocks - Radio Experiences on the Isle of Wight

The Serious Stuff

Health and Safety, Child Protection, Terms and Conditions, First Aid Training. All these things need to be in order before embarking on any project. We take it seriously.

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Youth Radio Rocks - How it began

How it Began

How Youth Radio Rocks came to be. Every project has a back story and this is ours. It didn’t happen overnight but its been exciting as it has been challenging. Its evolved through hundreds of hours of broadcasting and over 3,000 youngsters talking on air. We’ve laughed, cried but always moved forward. Its radio evolution at its best.

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Youth Radio Rocks - Station Support

Station Support

No man is an Island so the saying goes and Youth Radio Rocks is no different. We had some help in the beginning. Find out from who.

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Youth Radio Rocks - Station Creator - Ian Dore

Meet the Creator

Someone has to come up with the idea and bring it to fruition. Ian Dore is the man behind Youth Radio Rocks. Meet the Station Creator, his motivation, history and why.

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Parental Approval

Youth Radio Rocks really does rock! My Daughter and her friends were beyond excited, discussing their personal playlist for hours. The studio got 3 big “WOWS” when we arrived and looked awesome. The attention to each individual personality was brilliant and very effective in bringing out the best in the girls. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic but more importantly this was so much fun! Giggles galore and some sneaky ( off air ) dancing. However the girls wouldn’t recommend Ian getting involved in this! :-D Such a fun and amazing experience to offer any child. Highly recommend and the girls are already asking to go again.

Kelleigh, Ryde
I took my son to do this as he loves talking about Marvel and Batman, this was perfect. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were made to feel like we were the only ones that mattered. It was a great experience and he listens to the audio of his show all the time. Speaking as a Mum, its safe and secure with a great attention to detail and very relaxed.Highly recommended for all ages.
It was Really Good FunEmily, Ryde