Radio and DJ Experiences on the Isle of Wight where You are the Star

For the duration of your Radio Experience or DJ Experience here on the Isle of Wight, you have control, you are the Star. Your show or DJ mix is aired on Youth Radio Rocks, a Podcast, a Blog Post and Social Networks. Fame awaits you!

By enjoying a Radio or DJ experience, you will find out what it’s like to be in total control as you take to the airwaves or the wheels of steel. There are varying options to chose from here on the Isle of Wight and you’ll definitely find one to enjoy. Build confidence, be creative, be the star.

Radio Training with Youth Radio Rocks

VIP Radio Experience

This is the best it can get. For a solid 2 hours, you are in the Presenters chair, you have control, you are the Star.

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Youth Radio Rocks - VIP Experience

Be a VIP

Get in the studio with some mates and make some noise! Present and Produce your show with your music and your rules. Ideal for Birthday Parties, as a Christmas present or just for the heck of it. Fame awaits!

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DJ Training with Youth Radio Rocks

DJ Experience

Superstar DJ here you go! We’ve got a 1 hour taster session or a full blown, 8 week professionals course. The choice is yours and the decks are ready and waiting.

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Youth Radio Rocks - Radio taster session

Radio Taster Session

Not sure if you’re ready for two hours? Then the radio taster session is for you. Bring your friends and get behind the Mic for an hour or so.

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Radio Experience Testimonials

roman testimonial

I liked talking about Batman and could play all the music I wanted to. I was a little nervous at first but very quickly I was giggling. It was great fun and I was laughing alot. What is really cool is I have a recording of the show that I did and I can play that to all my friends.

It was Really Good Fun

This was something that was really cool to do and with my friends it was great fun. I was a little nervous at first but that soon went. One of the greatest things I have done and I came away feeling really really positive. Going to do it again with my friends next year!


A very good confidence booster and really interesting to take part in. Loved the kit, the instruction and the free flow of the whole thing. You get exactly what you want from this and even if you aren’t following a media path, its great fun and highly recommended!

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Vouchers Valid for 12 Months

We don’t force you to have your experience immediately, tomorrow or the next day. From the date of purchase you have a full 12 months to pick a date and time. Then come in and have a bunch of fun enjoying your experience. No ifs or buts, vouchers valid for 12 months. Guaranteed.

Youth Radio Rocks - VIP Radio Experience

“An Amazing Experience and we loved it so much, we are going to do it again”

Youth Radio Rocks - Radio Experiences - 5 Star Reviews
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Parental Approval

Youth Radio Rocks really does rock! My Daughter and her friends were beyond excited, discussing their personal playlist for hours. The studio got 3 big “WOWS” when we arrived and looked awesome. The attention to each individual personality was brilliant and very effective in bringing out the best in the girls. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic but more importantly this was so much fun! Giggles galore and some sneaky ( off air ) dancing. However the girls wouldn’t recommend Ian getting involved in this! :-D Such a fun and amazing experience to offer any child. Highly recommend and the girls are already asking to go again.

Kelleigh, Ryde
I took my son to do this as he loves talking about Marvel and Batman, this was perfect. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were made to feel like we were the only ones that mattered. It was a great experience and he listens to the audio of his show all the time. Speaking as a Mum, its safe and secure with a great attention to detail and very relaxed.Highly recommended for all ages.
It was Really Good FunEmily, Ryde