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This is where you actually learn to DJ

On hour is great to try things out but learning to DJ requires time investment, there is no quick fix. By the end of this 8 week course though, you will be able to beatmix and the foundations to your DJing career will have been laid.

Over the sessions we cover everything that you need to know to set you own your path to becoming a DJ. The backbone to it all is mentored tuition whilst you play the kit. With fine adjustment and help, one to one tuition will help you achieve your goals far faster than any youtube video. DJing is about gettting ‘hands on’. There is no other way to learn.

You’ll learn about the kit used by DJs across the world. Headphones, carts, turntables, mixers, laptops and the ever so important ‘performance’ secrets that are often kept under wraps. You’ll learn about levels, cross fading, gain controls, how to cue, how to fade and the all important theory of mixing. Its a dark art but it shines bright!

You can bring your own music or use ours, its entirely up to you. In the early stages we use a few tried and tested tunes to get you going but once you have mastered the basics, you can experiment a bit more. You can use Vinyl and MP3 as we have the facility to play both.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have the groundwork laid for you to get some kit and start to hone your personal style and skills. The hardest part is getting the foundations right and this is this course is about, getting it right from the outset.

  • Have fun
  • Build Confidence
  • Get some amazing photos
  • Get the basic skills to become a DJ
  • All participants receive a Certificate of Presenting

There are a limited number of the DJ courses available are ideal for Christmas Presents. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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This is a Voucher for an 8 week DJing Course

Who: That will be you!

When: At a time agreed with you

Where: At the Youth Radio Rocks studios in Ryde – Isle of Wight

What you get: 8 hours worth of DJ tuition and experience spread across 8 weeks. The majority of this is spent practicing on the kit but of course we go more in-depth with the other bits that need to be learnt. They include:

  • Cartridge and needle selection
  • Headphone selection and use
  • Mixing theory
  • How to cue
  • How to fade
  • Basics of beat mixing
  • Cuts
  • Levels
  • Deck stops and spin backs
  • Scratching
  • Using the EQ
  • Cross fading
  • Gain controls
  • Laying acapellas
  • Advice on equipment purchase
  • Hints and top level tips of the trade

Chose Vinyl or MP3 to play or even both! By the end of the 8 week course, you will be able to beatmix and will have learnt the basics to take your forward. You also receive an official Certificate of Participation.

How to book: Once you have paid securely, you will be sent an invoice and booking reference. Simply drop us a line or message and we’ll give you a call to arrange a suitable time.

Can this be bought as a Gift Voucher? Yes it can and a gift voucher is attached to the email receipt so that you can print it off and fill it in for the lucky recipient. They can then make the booking but will need the purchase ID reference.


Additional information

Available Dates

Experience dates will be available to book from January 2020. You give us your preference of dates and times and we then get you booked in.

Age requirements

Anyone can learn to mix but through experience, we have found that a minimum age of 12 is required to grasp the basic concepts.

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Voucher checking and booking

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