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If you have a story to tell, an opinion to share, something to chat about. Then we want to hear from you. This is YOUR opportunity to become part of something empowering, positive and cool. Join the radio revolution on the Isle of Wight for 2023.

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Get behind the Mic at Youth Radio Rocks

Get behind the Mic

You can come to the Youth Radio Rocks studios on the Isle of Wight and get behind the mic. Record your own show for our official Podcast, Broadcast and Blog. DJs can lay down a mix and have it showcased on our platform. Build your confidence and social standing with Youth Radio Rocks. This is your time to shine.

“Youth Radio Rocks helped me get to the BBC”

Presenter Georgie from Youth Radio Rocks

The experience with Youth Radio Rocks gave me the courage and confidence to pursue my dream career in radio journalism. This was through their great training, access to state of the art equipment, as well as giving me a platform to hone my skills. It helped me get permanent shows on local Community Radio Stations and the BBC. 100% worth it and thoroughly recommended.

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Youth Radio Rocks providing workshops to the National Citizen Service
Youth Radio Rocks providing workshops to the National Citizen Service
Youth Radio Rocks providing workshops to the National Citizen Service

Youth Radio Rocks showcases Youth talent and interests through Podcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Blogging and Social Media.

Book a UNIQUE Radio Experience

We offer a Unique set of Radio and DJ experiences like no other in the UK. This is your chance to give it a go and shine like a superstar. We have various different experiences, all of which are 100% AWESOME and are unique as presents.

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Youth Radio Rocks - VIP Radio Experience

The VIP Radio Experience

For a solid 2 hours, you are in the Presenters chair, you have control, you are the Star. Bring along some mates to create, cultivate and curate your unique Radio Show, right here on the Isle of Wight. Your radio show is aired on Youth Radio Rocks, along with a Podcast and Blog Post. Plus across the Social Networks. Fame awaits you!

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Youth Radio Rocks - DJ Experience

The DJ Experience

Spinning the wheels of steel, ripping it up on the ones and twos, cutting, scratching, mixing and dumping! Yes your software can do some of it for you but hey, wouldn’t it be better to learn the real way of doing it? Learn how to DJ like the professionals do, right here on the Isle of Wight

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Youth Radio Rocks - VIP Experience

Taster Sessions

Not sure if a full radio experience is for you? Then a taster session is the suitable middle ground. You are in the Presenters chair, you have control, you are the Star. It gives you an awesome insight of what it’s like to be a Radio Presenter and is an awesome experience.

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Youth Radio Rocks - Celebrity Interviews - Mark 'Billy' Billingham

Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham

SAS soldier of 27 years standing. Bodyguard to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Sir Michael Caine. Star of Channel 4 show,  ‘SAS – Who Dares Wins’. A real life legend to listen to.

Youth Radio Rocks - Celebrity Interviews - Dave Prowse aka Darth Vader

Darth Vader

The original Darth Vader. Dave Prowse has spilt the beans with us on the original Star Wars Trilogy speaking about all three of the originals. For Star Wars fans this is a real treat and a must listen.

Youth Radio Rocks - Celebrity Interviews - Derren Brown

Derren Brown

One of the finest stage performers there is. Acclaimed Author and star of many a TV show, Derren sat with us for over an hour to chat. Did he read our minds? We aren’t sure but the interview is great.