From the Military to the Mic

Station Creator - Ian 'Knocka' Dore

Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore

Radio Station Creator – Ian Dore

After serving ten years in the Royal Corps of Signals, where he saw active service in the first Gulf War, achieved the prestigious Soldier of the Year Award in 1993 and saw operational duty in Northern Ireland, Ian left the Army after an illustrious career to follow his deep rooted passion for Radio and DJing.

Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore learned his craft during 18 years of hosting radio programmes on heritage stations such as Isle of Wight Radio, Power FM, Sovereign Radio, and Bath FM. The former station winning Sony and Station of the Year awards whilst he was a contributing part of the team.

Ian was the creator of the youth based community station, Bath City Sound which has now given birth to Youth Radio Rocks. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is of the opinion, that neither should you.

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Ians Radio History

Ian Dore - Breakfast Show Host on Bath FM

Breakfast Show on Bath FM

Ian was head hunted ( corporate saying ) by Bath FM to revamp and rejuvenate their breakfast show in Jan 2007. Figures wise within 3 months the show had jumped from 1.8% to 4.7% within the broadcast area. Stacking ninety plus outside broadcasts under his belt across the year, the show went from strength to strength and the profile of the station grew. In his final quarter at Bath he helped increase the reach by 30.5% and the share by another 25.9%. However as a result new management, along with the rest of the team, he decided it was time to move on and stepped away on January the 8th 2009. It was a fabulous 2 years with many fond memories.

Ian Dore - Breakfast Show Host on Sovereign Radio

Breakfast on 107.5 Sovereign Radio

Ian was recruited in May 2006 to raise the profile of the breakfast show and to generate new revenue leads. They were looking for a dynamic presenter who was outgoing and warm, who wasn’t afraid to get ‘out there’. Ian helped tie up cross marketing deals with local businesses to push the show and reinforce the brand. In his time there the station saw a significant increase in RAJAR and the profile of the station rise. Ian walked on hot coals, spent a night in a haunted house and took part in the Star Voice challenge where his singing broke wine glasses. Shocking. Ultimately though, though the offer of a lifetime came along and he left for a more rewarding gig.

Ian Dore at Isle of Wight Radio

Isle of Wight Radio Part 2

Re -Recruited by Isle of Wight Radio to front up a new groove Sundy night show, The Sunday Sessions were born. Featuring top music including new releases and some old skool classic the music policy was irreverent and fresh. Throw into the mixing pot interviews with the likes of Derren Brown, M-People, Artful Dodger, Ken Dodd, Al Murray, Darth Vader and a bunch of moon walking astronauts including Buzz Aldrin, it was a winner. The Sunday Session progressed and added a Saturday session to the weekend which was a full on Dance music fest.

A couple of years down the line Ian was covering drivetime on a regular basis and had moved his show to a Saturday morning slot with ‘Ian Dore Presents’. Over the year his show came live from the Garlic Festival, Chale Show, Steam Show plus a myriad of other locations including the behemoth that was the Extreme Machines Fun day. A charity gig put together by he and James. Success loomed and he was cherry picked to the mainland for a full time breakfast gig.

Ian Dore at 103.2 Power FM

103.2 Power FM

Recruited by Power FM to be the DJ / Presenter that took their new music show onto the air with a ground breaking approach to the dance music scene. Within 6 months of it launch it had raised the Saturday night figures by 50%. Whilst doing the show Ian took part in a number of gigs to help raise the profile of the station and help increase revenue streams. This also included a large number of outside broadcasts and the famous ‘Power in the Park’ gigs.

Whilst at Power FM the DJ gigs picked up and he found himself playing at some prestigious gigs across the South Coast. At the same time he was also chosen as a resident for the infamous Miss Moneypenny’s nights, as it toured the South.

Ian Dore at Isle of Wight Radio

Isle of Wight Radio Part 1

Produced and presented Isle of Wight Radio’s first ever dance music show. Ian was left to his own devices to programme a show that would appeal to the younger listeners and target an untapped market. To build the show up he did several live broadcasts from nightclubs including broadcasting live from The Balcony with Judge Jules. Not only a first for the Island but the first dance show on the south coast.

Ian’s old Bath FM Promo Demo

Ian’s old Isle of Wight Radio Demo

Ian as a Club DJ

“Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore is not your average club DJ. While most jocks are content with banging out lacklustre sets for over-inflated fees, Ian’s priorities have always been about passion and performance. Flawless mixing skills combined with enough energy to blow the national grid ensure a roof-raising experience every time he plays.”

Thats what his spiel used to say when he was still playing, but in 2010 at a residency in Bath, he decided to hang up his headphones from the club circuit and although he has done other gigs including Bestitval and Goodvibes House Party residencies As we creep into 2020, has decided that after 30 years on the decks, that really is enough. You can’t go on forever and its best to get out on top. So as the needle gets put down on the last record, here’s a little history of 3 decades on the decks.

Ian 'Knocka' Dore at Temptation Nightclub

On the wheels of steel

Ian’s down to earth personality and ability to connect with both funky movers and uplifting anthem lovers, have made him a favourite with clubbers and promoters alike. Guaranteeing repeat bookings and a die-hard following. He learnt the ropes from DJing buddy Adey Bealing and quickly began blagging spots spinning in Cyprus, Italy, Ireland, America, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Turkey and of course the UK. His unique, high-octane brand of DJing leaves an indelible impression, be it on a pumping, funky tip, or harder, trancier vibe. “Mucking farvellous” as a clubber once put it.

Ian 'Knocka' Dore with Judge Jules

Playing with the big names in the game

Seb Fontaine, Sarah Chapman, Danny Slade, Chad Jackson, Darren Christian, Pete Doyle, The Lovely Helen, John Ceccini, Marc Vedo, Tony Price, Stretch and Vern, Craig Campbell, Tin Tin Out, The Lisa Marie Experience, Val and Des, Tim Lyall, Judge Jules, Alex P, Ferry Corsten, Eddie Halliwell, Sonique, Lisa Lashes, Graham Gold, Lisa Pin-Up, Pete Doyle, Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block, Dan Bailey, Boy George, Jon ‘OO’ Fleming, Dave Pearce, John Kelly, Griff, Tony De Vit, Miss Behavin, Jon the Dentist, Mrs Wood, Mike Cosford, Anne Savage, Freemasons, The Shapeshifters, Vicky Devine, Sophie Sugar and Graham Gold.

Ian 'Knocka' Dore with Big Al at Dynamite

Local Legends the most important

Big Al Bebbington, DJ Merlin, DJ Denzil, Andy Baillie, ‘Ruby’ Murray, Colin C, Martin Davies, DJ Magik, DJ Star, Ricky Redhead, Neil Roberts, Ollie, Nikteazer, Hampton Large, Dick Thick, Billy Concarnee, DJ Snax, DJ Denzil, DJ Krooks, Will Darling, Philip Steak, DJ Ilat and DJ Phathead.

Ian 'Knocka' Dore with Boy George

Gigs included

Godskitchen, Slinky, Progress, Ministry of Sound, Miss Moneypenny’s, Adult Action, Pulse, Kinky Sex, Fizz, Come Dancing London, Inferno, Various Club-On Magazine parties across the UK, Casualty, Dynamite, Feel, Full Fat Funk, The Goodvibes House Party, Zombie Love In and many many more.

Ian 'Knocka' Dore DJing at Bestival


Ian was also a regular at the behemoth that is the Bestival Festival having played the majority of them. Starting off in the Bollywood tent, then for two consecutive years, the main stage. The Big top, Hidden Disco and the Comedy stage to name other arenas. He returned again in 2015 with the Zombie Love In, headlining the Sugar Skulls Stage on Saturday night.

Ian as a Soldier

Ian Dore in the 1st Gulf War

Dores War

Ian joined the Royal Corps of Signals and after two years of training was spat out in Germany for his first working unit. His first Operational tour at the age of 19, was the first Gulf War with the Support Helicopter Force. On return back to Germany, he enjoyed what Europe had to offer indulging in exciting adventure with his 4 Squadron buddies. He had two pairs of best boots, no favourites.

Ian Dore - Army

Standby Standby

Soldier of the year in 1993, a season with the ACE Mobile Force, then joining the MAOTs as a Landing Point Commander, Air Support had been fun but it was time for another challenge. Next up was a saucy stint ‘across the water’ before returning to mainland UK to wind things up. His last role was running comms onboard an Army Ship. Ironically, he got sea sick alot even though he is a diver.

Ian Dore in the 1st Gulf War

Youth Radio Rocks needs YOU!

Station Creator - Ian 'Knocka' Dore

Who Dares Spins

Ian had learnt his DJ skills whilst serving and there was a natural progression. On leaving the Army he carved his career of becoming a Radio Presenter and club DJ. 2020 will see three decades on the decks and Youth Radio Rocks is now his passion. Mentoring those that want to enjoy what he has over all these years. The Army gave him excitement, travel, fun and most importantly long term friends. DJing gave him the same and there is friendship to be found in music….

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Youth Radio Rocks - Station Creator - Ian Dore

Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore

Working with National Brands

As well as the silliness of the club circuit and radio land, Ian has actually indulged in a fair bit of what could be described as ‘sensible’ work. He was a fundraising manager with Macmillan Cancer Support and was also employed as a Media consultant, providing training to area teams. For a year he worked for Mental Health Charity, Mind and for the best part of eighteen years, ran his own Web Consultancy. In this time he has provided media training and has hosted events for National and International brands. As it turns out, he’s a safe pair of hands.

National Brands that Ian Dore has worked with

Q and A with Ian Dore

Like many I spent months in a studio once or twice a week working hard on my voice and demo. I was eventually rewarded with a stonking 15 minutes on air a week! Not what I was yearning for but it was a start and a very welcome one. I was still rubbish but the guvnor had faith. Often that’s all it takes.

It was the aforementioned 15 minutes on a Wednesday night on Isle of Wight Radio. That grew to 30 minutes and after harrasing the gaffer and getting a petition signed I finally bagged my own 60 minutes of audio goodness. The Dynamite Dance show was born and that was the start of my illustrious career. It ended 11 months later as I got fired for a little ‘misdemeanour’. Still onwards and upwards, I went to Power FM!

It’s a means of communicating like no other. I’ve loved it since I was very young and used to record shows at home and at what was Mayfield Middle School. Its a unique medium that can convey so many emotions on so many levels. Its leaps and bounds over anything there is and with the way that this information can be disseminated, its so much more exciting.

Well I have always had the intention of one day providing a service for youngsters that I never had when I was starting out. A couple of key moments reinforced those thoughts across my career and it was all about timing.

WI had realised well before moving back to the Island that youth, on the whole were being totally ignored radio wise. Having run a similar project successfully in Bath, the Isle of Wight can benefit from the same. Though it has to be said, its not Island specific, it’s merely the location of me and main studio. We have presenters across the UK.

Lots of reasons but mainly because of no creative boundaries or archaic rules. Its also very cost effective, there are no limits or boundaries but what’s more, its freedom and fun. With the rise of how it can be delivered online and with the decline in FM listenership in Youth age groups, you would be foolish not to act on the data that is presented to you.

Aside from the obvious cheese and pickle?? My role primarily is that of a mentor. I also make sure that we are on track and I am pretty much responsible for everything. When you are the guvnor you can’t hide behind anything and the buck stops with me. If a presenter says something they shouldn’t have, it’s because I haven’t trained them properly. You have to have transparency and honesty. Stand up and admit your errors, learn from them and move on.

Through a technical foul up on the part of a programme controller at Isle of Wight Radio, an un-edited interview with magician Derren Brown went to air. It was twelve minutes long and contained the foulest language you can imagine. Unprofessional yes, but on reflection, very funny too. No harm done.

Take the plunge and join the team. You can’t beat good old hands on training and practice. Aside from the fact that you learn radio which is such a pearlers medium. You make new friends, learn new skills many of which are transferable and usable in life. It doesn’t matter what level you are or more importantly, what you think you are, you can learn something new in a fun environment.

I have many but its when you can actually make difference that hammers it home. At Isle of Wight Radio I hatched a plan of putting a tank show on with buggies, quad bikes and hovercraft’s. It seemed quite a wheeze and bless my soul we raised over £4,000 for Macmillan. Secondly, 2007 at Bath FM was magical. If that was a ‘groundhog’ year and I was stuck perpetually, I’d be happy with that. We achieved so much on air but forged great friendships off. Plus, without wanting to sound too modest, we had a positive impact in the City.

Hmm, there’s been a few. Buzz Aldrin who I hosted gigs with. Rik Mayall, John Cleese, Sir Michael Caine it would be embarrassing to list them all. It’s just part of the job. However, in my experience no different to you or I and have just worked hard, had a bit of luck and become successful in their chosen careers. Recently, the person who has moved me most is Charlotte talking about her near death experience and how she her achieved her incredible weight-loss. Normal life is where the real stories and heroes are.

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