Testimonials from Awesome Participants

Youth Radio Rocks Testimonials

No fake reviews here, these are bonafide words from participants of Youth Radio Rocks services. There is nothing stronger than the what comes from the minds that have taken part and here is a snapshot of just a handful of them. All come from different backgrounds, different age groups, different interests but with one realisation. Being part of Youth Radio Rocks improved their lives.

Youth Radio Rocks - Testimonials


From Volunteer to the BBC

“Volunteering for Youth Radio Rocks has given me the courage to pursue my dream career in radio journalism through providing great training, access to state of the art equipment, as well as giving me a platform to make a difference to the Bath community. It has heightened my enthusiasm for music, writing, producing and attending events. I have enjoyed socialising and making new friends along the way. As importantly, it helped me gain full time employment as I had a solid reference.”


Producer and Presenter

“Already knowing I want to work within the radio industry Youth Radio Rocks has offered the facilities and expertise to help me get a head start in radio. Perhaps Youth Radio Rocks’ strongest aspect is the training and guidance that Ian offers. His vast knowledge and understanding of radio mean that unlike some other community stations, the regular feedback and support make it easy to progress.”

Youth Radio Rocks - Testimonials


Olympic torch carrier and presenter

“I have loved radio ever since joining my secondary school’s station in 2009. Joining Youth Radio Rocks has enabled me to branch out further in radio by being involved with its more professional set-up and give me access to many amazing people with great experience in the field of radio. I would love to continue to do radio in the future and Youth Radio Rocks has helped me improve my presenting style which will help me progress into the future. The station has enhanced my sense of confidence and pride and I could not imagine my life without Youth Radio Rocks in it.”

Youth Radio Rocks - Radio Experiences on the Isle of Wight


Presenter and Producer

“I joined Youth Radio Rockss in order to get experience with radio; to that end the station has done a fantastic job, providing us with equipment, help, experience and a great place to put it all together. This station is also a great thing to have on your CV as it genuinely makes employers interested in you as a person and want to find out more about you.”

Youth Radio Rocks - Testimonials


It led to an FM Breakfast Show

“I joined Youth Radio Rocks because I have always had an interest in being involved in a radio station and gaining work in the media industry. I had done some work experience with Bath FM then took on a voluntary role at another community radio station but it wasn’t for me as there was no real support and having seen a real station operate, I found it very amateurish.

When I heard about Youth Radio Rocks I was very interested and I feel already from the training and help, I have gained leadership skills as well as improving vocal skills on air and also editing skills. Also from just the past few months, Youth Radio Rocks has enabled me to meet different people with different backgrounds and I have now made some very good friends.

The one major highlight was specific help with my literary skills and that has helped me in my quest for full time employment which I now have. Youth Radio Rocks has been of positive benefit to me in many different ways and I’m glad I got involved.”

We Loved Youth Radio Rocks

Youth Radio Rocks - Testimonials


Endless amounts of fun…

Endless amounts of fun, laughter and good hearted banter! Being on the radio should be fun and it certainly is at Youth Radio Rocks. I like to be creative and produce things which are different and chatty, reaching out to younger age groups. Youth Radio Rocks definitely accommodates for that.

Youth Radio Rocks - Testimonials


Former BBC Journalist

They’re a great bunch of people and being a part of the team offers me the opportunity to do something I love. Great friends, great training and I’m part of something that has fewer boundaries than conventional radio. It means you can push things and be far more creative. Perfect.

Youth Radio Rocks - Testimonials


Former presenter

Opportunities I get from being part of something big, builds up on the confidence to talk in front of people and get to meet many new people and make many more friends.

Youth Radio Rocks - Testimonials

DJ Changing Ways

Former presenter and DJ

Being able to share what you’re passionate about is my definition of success so for me sharing the music I love and getting a positive response is all a DJ can ask for. A big love to those who listen to the mixes.

Get involved with Youth Radio Rocks

If you have a story to tell, an opinion to share, something to chat about. Then we want to hear from you. This is YOUR opportunity.

You can come to the Youth Radio Rocks studio and get behind the mic and record you piece for our official Podcast. You can become part of the team with your input to our output. You’ll be helped on the way and pick up some top quality training. Joint the radio revolution for 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We run a tiered pricing system catering for all needs and levels of affordability. Suffice to say at even the Bronze level, it’s still superb. Drop us a line for more.

Each session is normally an hour or so. Plenty of time to nail some really good DJing skills.

This is agreed on your booking and we try and accommodate your requirements. DJ Sessions normally last for 1 hour.

We can simply reschedule your booking at a time that works for you.

Bookings can be cancelled with a full refund upto 7 days in advance.

Anything you want so long as doesn’t contain swearing. Bring it on a USB stick and we’ll put it into the system then you’re off!