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Spinning the wheels of steel, ripping it up on the ones and twos, cutting, scratching, mixing and dumping! Yes your software can do some of it for you but hey, wouldnt it be better to learn the real way of doing it? Hell yeh! In the Youth Radio Rocks studio we have a twenty two year old set of the classic, Technics 1210s that have seen action across the globe. Coupled with a state of the art Pioneer mixer, this is just the beginning.

Vinyl not your thing? Not to worry you can spin your MP3s on our kit or if you want to really mix it up, spin them using Vinyl emulation! You get the best of both worlds on our Serato powered set up DJing with the best of them. Whatever your flavour, style or sound, this is the experience for you.

Your sessions include:

Show me these AMAZING experiences!

Inside the DJ studio on the Isle of Wight

The Youth Radio Rocks DJ Experience is a one hour session and are limited in availability but it covers the basics and importantly, gives you plenty of time on the Turntables to practice your first mix. One hour not enough? No problem we also offer an 8 week professionals course that guarantees that by the end, you’ll be able to beat mix. Your DJing foundations will then be in place. Don’t delay, BOOK NOW.

Show me these AMAZING experiences!
Ian 'Knocka' Dore - Creator of Youth Radio Rocks

Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore

Your DJing Wingman

Fear not, you aren’t on your own and there is someone to help you achieve greatness but it is YOUR experience. Ian Dore is your DJing wingman, helping you get the best from the kit, your talent and your music.

A DJ for 29 years who has played all over the world and big time gigs such as Slinky, Progress, Godskitchen, Come Dancing and on the Island; running nights such as Dynamite and Casualty. He’s worked with many of the big names and can help you achieve your DJing goals.

Become the DJ you want to be

Those participating receive full training and coaching to a high level of DJ competency as they learn the tricks of the trade.

A Taster session is good for getting a feel for the kit and what can be achieved. By committing to the course though, by the end of the 8 weeks, you should be able to mix at a reasonable level. Getting the foundations right from the outset is the key to DJing. You will achieve that over 8 weeks and that means we can record it. Then we put it out on Youth Radio Rocks for all to hear.

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1 Hour Taster Session

£1599Normally £24.99
  • Certificates for those that take part
  • Pictures posted on the Youth Radio Rocks Website
  • Focused 1 to 1 tuition

8 Week Course

£129Normally £249
  • Certificates for those that take part
  • Pictures posted on the Youth Radio Rocks Website
  • Focused 1 to 1 tuition

Recommendations for your Mentor

“Simply put, a top DJ. You’re in good hands.”


“No doubt about it, this guy delivers the goods”

Club On Magazine

“Now here’s a man that knows his sh*t. Spot on”

Ministry Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have two options. The taster session and the 8 week course. Each are priced accordingly above.

In a word, Yes. Even on the taster session, at least 40 minutes of the hour is dedicated to actually DJing. If you are on the 8 week course, every participant so far has learnt to properly beat mix in that time. That is the backbone to it all.

This is agreed on your booking and we try and accommodate your requirements.

Yes you can and a gift voucher is attached to the email receipt so that you can print it off and fill it in for the lucky recipient.

We can simply reschedule your booking at a time that works for you.

Bookings can be cancelled with a full refund upto 7 days in advance.

Anything you want. However we do have some records that lend themselves to DJs just starting out so we do teach with those.

Anyone can DJ but through experience, we have found that a minimum age of 12 years old is required to understand the theory.

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