Traditionally radio stations are powered by mahoosive PCs that either make a hell of a noise or have to be located in a racks room down a dark corridor that only a techie person fears to tread. Being the forward thinkers that we are, we wanted to give tradition a kick up the ricker and thought out of the technical box. The solution came via the medium of PC legends, ZOTAC.

zotac computers powering youth radio rocks1


We are 100% digital so there is no need for sound card jiggery pokery and XLR cables up the wazoo. Nor is there any requirement for 6 billion machines to power the studios. Those days are gone if you know what you are doing. The Youth Radio Rocks studios have a PC in each and they are the ZOTAC Mini ID64 Plus. Plus a couple for mobile use when doing workshops.

zotac computers powering youth radio rocks

They have oodles of power, a shed load of ports, full HD and are quieter than a mouse wearing feathered slippers whilst holding its breath in the ‘Who can be the quietest Mouse’ championships. Thanks to ZOTAC for their forward thinking and generously donating a number of units to Youth Radio Rocks. They are greatly received and are helping youth evolution.