Vidahost is proud to support Youth Radio Rocks. Originally setup in Bath in 2004, Vidahost now hosts over 20000 websites for businesses and individuals throughout the UK. They provide shared and dedicated web hosting, cloud hosting and domain name registrations at very low prices.

Vidahost realises how important it is to support local businesses, and can offer fantastic discounts and support to not for profit entities. Please get in touch with them on 01628 200 219 if you would like to find out what they can do for you. In the meantime, here’s a little note from Ian.

vidahost powering youth radio rocks


“We rely and pride ourselves on a consistent professional service with full redundancy options and a back up stream. Vidahost don’t actually provide streaming as a core service and went above and beyond in catering to our very specific needs, right down the last detail. In the early days we had some technical issues because of the technology that we chose to use station side.


We could have taken easier routes but it would have been a compromise on what we could achieve in the long term. The team at Vidahost took the time to help us with the configuration and monitor it until it was 100%. As we utilise state of the art and complex systems to deliver all our media to the web in sync, it was a tough and arduous task.


Without their succinct knowledge and unrivalled support, Youth Radio Rocks would still be using yoghurt cartons and string! We always want to work with forward thinking and growing businesses and we tied up with Vidahost when they were still in their early days before expanding. They had then as they have now the same optimistic view that some things can be done for mutual benefit and for the great of good.


Vidahost supported us from the outset and we are incredibly proud to have them as our website host and streaming provider. Worthy of a special mention are Seb and Dom who showed us around their set up and Craig, who in no uncertain terms, is a guru of server side shenanigans. Youth Radio Rocks recommends Vidahost 100% for all your web hosting requirements. To read more testimonials ( some 59 pages at last count ) then please visit the official home of Vidahost

Ian Dore – Station Creator and Curator