Radio is an exciting career path that interests many young people and in order to give them an early start, it’s best that radio learning takes place in a studio environment. We have created something genuinely unique and have set the benchmark for radio education for Youth. Train for FREE with radio professionals at Youth Radio Rocks. We pride ourselves in getting participants who have never set foot in a radio station, on air within 8 weeks. Oh yes, you’ll be rocking and jocking before you know it!


Our exclusively designed training sorts the wheat from the chaff and gives you the essentials on what you really need to know about radio broadcasting. It  has been created for Youth Radio Rocks by industry professionals, individuals that have worked in Award Winning Commercial, BBC, Community and Hospital radio stations. There has never been a more credible way to learn radio techniques from people that have been already walked the walk and forgive the pun, talked the talk!

The net outcome of our no nonsense approach produces individuals that are able to plan, produce and present their own radio shows, demonstrating they have a knowledge of digital broadcast equipment, solid IT skills, excellent communication skills, an awareness of  ‘action and consequence’, plus a thorough understanding of the legal broadcasting rules and regulations.

We’ve taken all the essential yet best bits of jocking and stuffed it into one training course, and polished that off with good humour. All the skills learnt can be applied and used in daily life plus of course, it’s healthy, rewarding and fun, giving one a good sense of personal satisfaction and achievement. For those that really wish to get into the media we can also assist with professional work placements and industry contacts too. Thats a whole bunch and it includes radio broadcasting and presenting skills!

Those participating receive full training and coaching to a high level of radio broadcast and production through our training modules. They are then be able to access the digital system securely and remotely, either from within the studios, the school, home or community group. This is genuine youth empowerment with hi‐ tech safe guards and a state of the art delivery system.

Our training includes:

  • Studio set up
  • Show planning
  • The basics of presenting
  • The basics of production
  • Preparing for a guest interview
  • The rules and laws of broadcast
  • Advanced techniques and industry only secrets
  • Studio operation including mixing desk and ancillaries

All the DJs and Presenters you hear on Youth Radio Rocks have benefitted from this and you can too. Build confidence, build you social standing and build some lego! The last bit isn’t included but you can if you want. You’ll have to bring your own bricks though.

Interested in training with Youth Radio Rocks and becoming part of our awesome team?