Youth Radio Rocks provides seriously cool radio workshops that help build social interaction, install confidence and showcase talent like you have never seen before. The workshops have been created exclusively for Youth Radio Rocks by industry professionals that have worked in Award Winning Commercial, BBC, Community and Hospital radio stations. There has never been a more credible way to have fun and discover inspiration than in one of our radio workshops. Wherever you are in the UK get in touch and see what we can do for you.

No individual or group should be excluded from radio participation and we like to cater for absolutely everyone. We pride ourselves in continuing to work with youngsters from all backgrounds creating an experience of conversation and a big bag of the F word. Fun. It’s not just about taking the mic and yattering away, it’s very much about building confidence, increasing your social interactivity all whilst learning some essential new skills in the field of communication. The workshop is just the beginning.

We provide radio workshops across the UK and recently we were in:

  • Bath
  • Poole
  • Stratford
  • Salisbury
  • Cheltenham
  • Isle of Wight

For our workshops we keep it high in humour and low in boredom ensuring participants are oozing enjoyment and having a blast. Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs but more often than not, they centre around positivity, well being, diversity and creative flair. They are healthy, rewarding and fun, giving participants a great sense of personal pride, satisfaction and achievement.

The Youth Radio Rocks workshops continue to be provided at Public and Private Schools, Community Academies, Mentoring entities and City Colleges. Plus varied workshops for other national bodies including the National Citizens Service. Regardless of age or learning ability the radio workshops are guaranteed to be fun and informative with positive results for all of those taking part. Boosting morale, lifting confidence, its a shared experience for all to enjoy. Plus its something you have to keep forever. After all you can download it!

Our radio workshops include:

  • Fun
  • Studio set up
  • Show planning
  • The basics of presenting
  • Preparing for a guest interview
  • Advanced techniques and industry only secrets
  • Studio operation including mixing desk and ancillaries
  • A huge red coloured box containing a massive selection of Fun be dished out

The super duper added bonus?

Ah well we like to share the love and indeed the talent found within our workshops and so not only do we play the recordings out on air, we also podcast them and blog them. Oh, and share them all over our social networks! So when a workshop is performed there is the ‘afterburn’ to consider. It’s not just about the specific session, it’s also about the enjoyment, exposure and publicity afterwards.

The participants are able to download and share their specific piece and keep it as a memento of their involvement. They are of course free to share it on the social networks and with their friends and family. For some it’s a record of their activity and for others a really good souvenir of their radio experience. For the body that the workshops have been provided for, there is a tangible, measurable outcome that they themselves can be very proud of and use as for their own key performance indicators too.ted in booking an Uber special radio workshop with Youth Radio