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The station pop up player

That big thingy above is the station player. You can press play and it will play on this page but ( and here’s the cool bit ) if you click in the top right on the grey arrow, it will open in a pop up. You can then browse the site with the music on in the background.

Share the love immediately

You can share the player from the page or pop up  too. Hear a tune you think friends will love or a bit of chat that is entertaining? Go right ahead and tell your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr or embed in a website. Discover something new and be the trendsetter!

Why doesn’t it play automatically?

Firstly its intrusive and its your decision whether to listen or not. Secondly Android and IOS will not play automatically by default for that very reason. So we adhere to that and if you want to listen you will. And you should!

Other ways to listen

Sure there are such connections as Tune In and direct feeds but the pop up player is the most stable, it will tell you what songs are playing and what DJs are on. Plus it just sits there in the background and you can go about your business.