Launching in April, a new clubbing experience for the Isle of Wight

VIP tickets on sale in:

A Nostalgic night of Nineties and Noughties club classic, floor filling, hands in the air anthems!

The Good Vibes House Party kicks off with its Launch Night at The Blacksheep Club Lounge on Saturday, 27th of April. Expect top tunes and hot jock action as we delve back into the era when Vinyl ruled.

Belting out Beats, Rhymes and Basslines with vocal goodness oozing through, it aims to take you back to the heady days of euphoric clubbing.

The DJs will be spinning on Vinyl and CD, serving up a boombastic slice of Dance music pie for you to gorge on. Come and swing your pants to blended behemoths from yesteryear. Monster mashups, remixes and right on time slammers, mixed in with original feel good tunes.

Check it out!

Good Vibes House Party - Launch Night

Club Classics

A drill lives in your workshop and grime is something that needs cleaning! We are rewinding back to the heady hedonistic days of the 90s, playing some of the best tunes of the clubbing era. The chart show this is not and its fromage free guaranteed.

Over 25s

You’ve asked, we’ve listened. It’s a night for the more mature clubber and put together by people that enjoyed clubland, on and off the decks, back in the day. If you’re under 25, sorry, It’s not for you and ID will be required for ticket holders.

Bag yourself VIP Entry by getting on The Goodvibes Guestlist

Subscribers to the Goodvibes Guestlist get access to discounted tickets 48hrs before anyone else as well as the chance of FREE entry.

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VIP Guest List

The only way to get on the guestlist is to be a Goodvibes Guestlist Subscriber. By signing up you gain certain privileges and loyalty is rewarded. For every event, a number of Guestlist Subscribers will bag FREE ENTRY.

It won’t cost you a bean, nitch, kitu, wola, nadda, fick alle, nothing, gratis, bugger all! Also subscribers get exclusive access to tickets before they go live for everyone else. We have chosen a bijou venue to create a nice tight, fun and friendly atmosphere and its not a warehouse.

It goes without saying that tickets are on a first come first served basis. Subscribers are the ones a step ahead of the game.


The party starts in earnest in the Blacksheep Club Lounge from 10pm rocking through till 2am. Four hours of floor filling foot tappers to swing your pants to. Don’t forget of course, upstairs The Blacksheep is the perfect Bar for a few cheeky warms up beverages.

Dress code

Tracksuits are for the track. Running trainers the running track. Hoodies the boxing halls and gym kit for the gym. Basically dress up to enjoy a good night out with like minded people. If you look in the mirror and see a scarecrow, Brian Harvey or Vicki Pollard looking back, you’ve got it wrong.

Age group

It’s a night for over 25s. During research that’s what people have said they want and like Brexit, but without the lying, thats what you should be given. It’s how democracy works.


The Black Sheep Club Lounge serves some of the finest beverages available in Ryde. Whatever your tipple, you’ll find it there. We favour a good Gin. Who Dares Gins = Who Dares Spins!

Where does my money go?

The ticket fee goes straight to a not for profit Youth project called Youth Radio Rocks. Know this. You are directly helping young people with their communication skills, their social skills, the social interaction and generally building their confidence. Think of it as a charity purchase but instead of getting a jigsaw with three bits missing, you get the chance to dance like a loon to some top tunes.  Well done you, time to feel smug.

When do tickets go on Sale?

The rear end of next week for VIP subscribers then two days later for everyone else. Loyalty is a valued commodity and by subscribing you get 48hrs to bag a ticket before anyone else. Don’t dilly day though, the venue is for the minority, not the masses.

Can I follow this on the socials?

You sure can but hey, remember to live the experience on the night. Back in the day it was our hands in the air not phones. We aren’t discouraging it but the whole ethos of clubbing is meeting new folk, enjoying the tunes and having a laugh without selfying yourself to death. Anyway, we are on Facebook and Instagram with Youth Radio Rocks, if you can be arsed. We’ll bang some pics up on a regular basis and some movies to boot.

Where is the Black Sheep Club Lounge?

Its directly under the Black Sheep Bar on Union Street in Ryde. Go half way down the hill and its on your left. If you walk past Yelfs, you’ve gone too far!

Can I come and DJ on your night?

If you are aged between 18 – 30 and have never had the opportunity to spin and would like to, get in contact via our contact form. Part of this gig is to give new talent the one thing that is very hard to get, club and crowd experience. If you play at home and want that break plus some top tips, drop us a line.