After serving ten years in the Royal Corps of Signals, where he saw active service in the first Gulf War, achieved the prestigious Soldier of the Year Award in 1993 and saw operational duty in Northern Ireland, Ian left the Army after an illustrious career to follow his deep rooted passion in radio.

Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore learned his craft during 18 years of hosting radio programmes on heritage stations such as Isle of Wight Radio, Power FM, Sovereign Radio, and Bath FM. The former station winning Sony and Station of the Year awards whilst he was a contributing part of the team.


Ian was the creator of the youth based community station, Bath City Sound which has now given birth to Youth Radio Rocks. A radio genius, DJing legend and persistent liar, he doesn’t take himself to seriously and more importantly, neither should you.


Ian’s Radio History

107.9 Bath FM – Breakfast show presenter  ( Jan 2007 – Jan 2009 )

107.5 Sovereign Radio  – Breakfast show presenter  ( May 2006 – Nov 2006  )

107.9 Isle of Wight Radio – Presenter / Producer ( 2002 – 2007 )

103.2 Power FM – Presenter / DJ ( 1999 – 2000 )

107.9 Isle of Wight Radio – Presenter / Producer / DJ  ( 1998 – 1999 )

In that time Ian also helped out with ‘The Mix 106.6’ as a presenter, assisting in its RSL as well as dabbling in a spot of Television with stations TV 12 and Solent TV. Sling in 3 episodes of ITVs ‘Ultimate Force’ ( or farce as it was ) and radio was definitely the way forward media wise.


Over the years he’s hosted a myriad of events, interviewed hundreds of celebs and of course got into deep water with a on air swearing incident with mind bender, Derren Brown. Even that foul mouthed faux pa couldn’t prevent him from moving onwards and upwards but with Youth Radio Rocks as well as an on air jock, Ian is taking more of a back seat and using his 18 years in the industry to help train up the new volunteers. Swearing on air included? No flipping way!


Nice achievements to make you feel warm

  • First UK presenter to Ebay his radio show
  • Was the voice of the UK School games live on ITV and Bath FM
  • Hosted the RAF benevolent fund charity auction with Buzz Aldrin raising over £20,000
  • Raised £5000 in 7 hours for the Quarriers charity to build a sensory garden for disabled children in Bath
  • Hosted the Toni & Guy fashion show at the Egg Theatre in Bath, Raising more than £10,000 for their chosen charity
  • Planned, coordinated and hosted the ‘Extreme Machines Fun Day’ which raised more than £4500 for Macmillan

How did you get into radio?

Like many I spent months in a studio once or twice a week working hard on my voice and demo. I was eventually rewarded with a stonking 15 minutes on air a week! Not what I was yearning for but it was a start and a very welcome one. I was still rubbish but the guvnor had faith. Often that’s all it takes.

What was your first gig?

It was the aforementioned 15 minutes on a Wednesday night on Isle of Wight Radio. That grew to 30 minutes and after harrasing the gaffer and getting a petition signed I finally bagged my own 60 minutes of audio goodness. The Dynamite Dance show was born and that was the start of my illustrious career. It ended 11 months later as I got fired for a little ‘misdemeanour’. Still onwards and upwards, I went to Power FM!

What is radio to you?

Its a means of communicating like no other. Ever since Marconi got jiggy in 1895, he was on to something. Its a unique medium that can convey so many emotions on so many levels. Its leaps and bounds over anything there is and with the way that this information can be disseminated, its so much more exciting.

Why did you start Youth Radio Rocks

Well I have always had the intention of one day providing a service for youngsters that I never had when I was starting out. A couple of key moments reinforced those thoughts across my career and it was all about timing. Someone has to dream up stupid ideas and this one was mine. After the Bath FM licence went to a commercial operator, the City was left without a local, community styled station. It was always a thought process of getting a community licence for Bath but OFCOM put the mockers on that because of frequency allocation.

Whilst researching for the Bath FM licence application, it reinforced the fact that the youth sector of Bath was being totally ignored radio wise so the time was right to pursue it and Bath City Sound was born. At the time it was completely appropriate but 5 years down the line after doing some workshops across the South West and other regions of the UK, I realised that Youth as a whole was missing out. Youth Radio Rocks went into planning and now its coming to fruition. Its far more relevant and a natural progression personally.

Why the internet?

Crikus loads of reasons but mainly because of no creative boundaries or archaic rules. All of the core team are involved because its a giggle and its a passion. Most of us have done our time ‘jocking about’ and we wanted to pursue other things. It’s very cost effective, there are no limits or boundaries but what’s more, its freedom and fun. With the rise of how it can be delivered and how things are up in the air in radio land, its a very exciting time. It also opens up the door for others and is the ultimate freedom with regards to broadcasting.

What is your role?

Aside from the obvious cheese and pickle?? I try and make sure that we are on track and although there is delegation, I am pretty much responsible for everything. When you are the guvnor you can’t hide behind anything and the buck stops with me. If a presenter says something they shouldn’t it’s because I haven’t trained them properly. If we go off air it’s because I’ve probably forgotten something. You have to have transparency and honesty. Stand up and admit your errors, learn from them and move on. I suppose I am the ringmaster booking the acrobats. Though I don’t tell them which way to jump!

Most famous person you’ve met?

Hmm, there’s been a few. Buzz Aldrin ( hosted gigs with ), Rik Mayall, James and Derren Brown, Larry Hagman, Val Kilmer, John Cleese of course. I think I’ll have to settle on the UK legend that is Keith Chegwin.

Most embarrassing on air moment?

Through a technical foul up on the part of a programme controller at Isle of Wight Radio, an un-edited interview with magician Derren Brown went to air that contained the foulest language you can imagine. Unprofessional yes, funny? Damn right. Great days.

Any advice for those that fancy it?

Take the plunge and join the team. You can’t beat good old hands on training and practice. Aside from the fact that you learn radio which is such a pearlers medium. You make new friends, learn new skills many of which are transferable and usable in life. Get involved and drop us a line. It doesn’t matter what level you are or more importantly what you think you are, you can learn something new in a fun environment.

Radio Inspiration?

I like those that can take a sideways look at things and push on regardless. Perhaps it’s a military attitude but its not over till its over. I’ve been in situations where the easy option would be to role over and quit, for me its not an option. Radio wise I’ve always admired Kenny Everett, Barry Cryer, Chris Evans, Mark and Lard, Bob Harris the list is endless. Oh now wait, its stopped. Out of the radio four walls ( not the station ) I’m inspired by lots of different things from a lot of different places. Often the news is banging on about how bad people do bad things, in my experience its a minority and most have passion and warmth for one another. Ultimately I get my inspiration from those taking part.

Happiest radio moment?

I have two if I may. Myself and producer James whilst at Isle of Wight Radio hatched a plan of putting a tank show on with buggies, quad bikes and hovercraft’s. It seemed quite a wheeze and bless my soul we raised over £4,000 for what was Macmillan Cancer Care. We had no support, no experience and we pulled it off. Driving tanks over caravans and raising some serious doh-ray-me in the process. It doesn’t get much better than that. Secondly 2007 at Bath FM was magical. If that was a ‘groundhog’ year and I was stuck perpetually, I’d be happy with that.